Sunday, March 18

THEY are my GREAT happiness !

hey there! my commercial name is Aien Samian, 22 y/o
my now status is already finished my studies in Diploma and on working.
i have a dream that InsyaAllah will come true : married.
but, i have to get my next scroll first : continue study in Degree.
am happy with my now life. am always smiling to go through them :)

i still have a 'house' dat fulfill my life and they are my backbone always-be !

my mom Puan Rohana Ismail with her lover,
my dad Allahyarham Samian bin Abd Rahim
my mum stand alone to grow me up and also my siblings. without my dad.
Advanced Lung Carcinoma, it made my dad gone away from us.
22nd November 2011, the date, end of his life.
we miss you dad ! mum, i know u are just a strong mum. go baby go !

trio always, me my younger bro Mohd Eusoff and my elder sis Akma.
without eusoff, my mum couldnt stand to continue her food stall by her own only.
he always helped my mum doing anything even he is very bad in studies. nvm bro.
my sis, still study and nowhaving her practical at Standard Chartered.
and next step she will working as Document Analyst also in Standard Chartered at Bkt Jalil. she's already got the job and dat is her wish.
me, cant wait for continuing my next study yawww ! yeay ~

hey, i have a few friends that also always made my days ~

ilovethem a lot ! their probs are my prob and vice versa.
Mr Izzuddin, Mr Haikal and other one, Mr F (no pic) :)
if you messed with them means dat you messed with me too ! dont u get it?
they are my boyfriends always-be ! hey uols, iloveyouuuuu
thanks for inviting me to go in uols group yawww

Naxura Hamzah (black shirt), my sayangs :)
i started knew her at my now workplace. she was my click, now she is already continuing her future studies at Merlimau Melaka. miss her damn !
she knows my story and i know her story. gossiping is our fav yaww ~
sayang, i know u are strong baby, yes u can do it ! trust me.
dun be sad please, main hoon na (im here for you)

Tiara Rashid, a really strong girl that i have ever know :)
whatsapp and twitter always make our relationship become stronger.
iloveher and she is my 'adik' . is it true syg?
we ever had some crisis before, but they made us more closely.
hey outside there, dont u dare to make us apart again oke ! buekkk :P

Loqman Hakimi (infront), my mimie ! hahaha my bff laa ~
i like to be friend with him because he is such a funnyman.
he's keep making me laugh n smile in my days. thru whatsapp or texting.
sometimes thru ym and fb chat. thanks friend :)
when got time, i will make sure myself to meet you !
Insyallah ~

my new friend yaww, mr Syed Jaafar. i named him SJ. hehehe
he is 27 years old, work at Rilek. yeah, i know him from there :)
he is such a nice man, and i feel safe with him.
i hope i feel safe with him forever.
along i know him, i dont know his real status, i mean he is single or not.
hahahahaha, because i never ask ! let him told by himself.

below is my lover ever, ilovehim a lot !

Nurhisham bin Rahmat
Officially in a relationship with him :)
hahahahahaa, but he is not my true bf. just for fun.
yes, he know it and me too. because of am not ready for couple yet.
i know him at Kluang

hey u know what, the most dat i missed are : -

gff : Ky Mohamad and Qi Razali.
sayangssss, i miss uols damn muchhhhh !
my gff in Unisel Batang Berjuntai ever !
Kyra now works as HR Asistant at Shahzan Inn Fraser Hills
while Qila now works at LHDN.
we are too busy respectively and difficult to make a date for us :(

my gff and also my bff : Nurul Zahin n Siti Syafiqah
we are knowing each other since form one, but we became closer since form two.
trio always be in school just like 'belangkas'
that was before, but now we are also too busy and no time to meet each other.
Zahin now working at The Store as a supervisor and study at Open University too.
while Syafiqah is busying with her clothes bussiness. haishhh !
hey girls, imissyouuu laaaa :(

at last but not least, i miss my boo a lot !

Nadzirah bt Zainal Abidin
commercial name, Intanne Nadzirah, my baby always -be !
she is my cousin, my girl, my boo and my great helper too :)
she 's pretty rite? yeay, she 's naturally beautiful.
u know what, even she is my cousin, i started know her at Unisel BJ in 2008.
hehehehe, now we are the closer cousin yawww. phewwit !
syg ! i miss youuuuuuuuuuuu ah ! :(

seee, am happy with my now life.
dont worry outside there.
if you believe that u are strong, yes u are !
so i believe myself. i can do anything with my own leg.
and also with my backbones' supports.
thanks uols. iloveyou all a lot babeh !

done, calobeteh !
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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