Monday, August 1

Old Town White Coffee + Domino's Pizza

Last Saturday (30th July 2011), all of my clicks and I were having oldtown meal after working hours. Oldtown White Coffee of Batu Pahat Mall. As usual, i chose Oldtown Curry Mee, Kaya Butter Toast & Oldtown Enriched Cold Chocolate for myself. dats the awesomeness day of mine ! thanks sweet clicks. loveyouuu muaaaccchhhh!

hey! this is my Kaya Butter Toast. i chose for double.
soooo we could share for them oke ! :)

next day, on Sunday (31st July 2011), yeay the day dat i had a meeting with all my clicks. the day where i have been giving the next level position of CXP BP Manager. cool yawww! on dat meeting, we were having domino's pizza for lunch. is it cool? yeayyy, Domino's Pizza now opening in Batu Pahat. ofcoz i loved it! dats my fav. i love dominos more than pizza hut. why? bcoz of dominos more delicious than pizza hut ! hehehehe. yeay, dats the truth babyy! u should try.

Domino's Meat Mania Pizza - Mr. Eric fav.

we were ordering 3 different of pizzas : Extravaganzza Pizza (my top fav of dominos), Tuna Temptation Pizza and Meat Mania Pizza. with the exra of chicken wings and onion rings (my fav too). its awesomeeee babyy ! boss, i want more !!!! hehehe ~

with that, thanks youuuu.

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