Wednesday, December 29

go MALAYSIA go !

1st Final AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

26th of December 2010

Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil

Malaysia Vs. Indonesia

from shah alam to pasar seni to plaza rakyat by bus & to bukit jalil by train :)

photos above were the conditions at train ticket's counter of plaza rakyat & train stop of bukit jalil.
crowded with people of malaysian & indonesian.
nice babe !
stadium nasional bukit jalil here i come !

see the pic left here, lots of peeps ! ofcoz malaysian & indonesian. hey, got americans & australians supported malaysia too. one of them said with his BIG smile when i was asking him, " yes, ofcoz Malaysia ! go malaysia ! " nice babe ! really proud be malaysian :)
yeah, go malaysia go ! dont make me dissapointed with you darling. had been waiting long time (last won 1996) to see u won baby ! MALAYSIAKU GEMILANG !

yeay ! we won 3-0. alhamdulillah ~
could you see, the react of malaysia supporters after got 3 goals by Shafee Sali (2) & Ashari (1) ?
again, nice babe ! im the one among them. gorgeous, superb, awesome !!!!
hahahahaha, serve you rite indonesia ! u could see from the middle one photo, how dissapointed indonesian feel, hahahaha. oh don aien, dont be high nose (hidung tinggi hahaha )

i was going with my army : akma (my sis), nadd (my cuzz), aiman (nad's bf) & ujjah (our fren)
ofcoz we're the football supporters ! & aiman is one of the Sime Darby fc football player.
thanks 4 all of you for making me happy & smile back especially my sis & nadd :)
great peeps all i had ever !

hahaha, this is we ! :D oh nooo, tonite the 2nd final AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 at Jakarta.
Stadium Gelora Bung Karno here i come ! hahaha.

(watching on tv only hehehe )
yess malaysia ! i know you can do it !
just ignore what had peeps said especially indonesian. all of that are just psycho !


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