Saturday, December 11

contest agy ! the third : "peace contest" by ezan idma.

hey peeps ! aien join contest agy !!!
this is my third contest that i joinned ! its cool yaww ! peace contest. yess, peace contest. cam best jek bunyik nye an an an ? keningkening ~senang jek if korg nak join contest ni, come here babe, let me tell you how.

firstly, go visiting the owner's contest blog : Ezan Idma. ini orgnye ------>
then, just go through her terms how to join this contest. good luck peeps ! aien dh join, tgk laaa gambar bwh ni, oke tak gambar ni ??? sume ade peace! wee~

oke2, aien nak tagged 3 org kawan ::
1. Qila Razali
2. Kyra Mohammed
3. Eila Kassim

Peace no war yaww !!!!
thanks to my friends : kyra, liza & erma
keeping peace girls ! :))