Tuesday, December 14

25 facts about me :)

first of all, i would like to thank in advance to my awesome friend, che sakinah for tagging me as the awesome follower. yeaah ! i'm the awesomeness yaww ! wee. oke, start it now ! i need to write 25 facts about me then just tag it back to 25 persons of my followers. oke2. understood.

soo, on your mark, get set, GOOOOO ! :P

hurmmm, here i am being honestly to tell uols 25 facts about me oke. take note ! :)(:

1. i were schooling in chinese schools which were DAWNING KINDERGARTEN for kids school & SJK (C) AI CHUN (2) for primary school started in yr 1996 till yr 2002.

2. i could speak in Mandarin fluently & still could writing & reading in mandarin. soo, now i may speak in only 3 languages which are Malay ofcoz, English & Mandarin. :))

3. Succesfully got 6A 1B in UPSR, 5A 3B 1C in PMR ( C for GEOGRAPHY. hahah !), 7A 4B 2D in SPM ( D ofcoz biology & physics! i hate it, i just loved in CHEMISTRY only)

4. always being the best student in schools : kindergarten & primary school. but for secondary school i just be the best student in Malay student category. sokeyy, still the best student rite :))

5. KEM KRS KEBANGSAAN was my first time for joining a CAMPING yaww in year 2006! i were in 33 persons representing JOHOR to perform everything activities about Kadet Remaja Sekolah (KRS) !! its awesome & great coz just like PLKN. its superb ! there, i got the power as a SARJAN !!!! awesome rite ? but, i never being part of PLKN ! jealous :((

6. i also once have been representing JOHOR for Choral Speaking Competition & Public Speaking in year 2002. but, just got consolation prizes for both competition after being the champion representing school, batu pahat zone & Johor zone. sokeyy, thats my experience :))

7. i could writing chinese & islamic calligraphy. once joining for both competition. for chinese calligraphy, had won 1st runner four consequtive for Malay categories & champion for islamic calligraphy always be :)

8. i like drawing. & i loved it very-very much ! especially cartons yaww :D

9. i have visiting all states except SARAWAK in Malaysia. fav state ofcoz KEDAH coz for me, it is chocolates state ! i loved having chocolates ouh damn ! ♥ ♥ ♥

10. i could play guitar actually. but never show off coz i still couldnt play well. hahaha !

11. i am the flat shoes & heels lover. got some of them in my hometown. i made them as my top fav collections !

12. love dancing DAMN much. dancing make me felt like a princess in heaven coz i could dance beautifully especially ZAPIN. ofcoz laa, i am the johorean :))

13. more listening to english music coz from that i could learn my english anytime, anywhere & everyday ! am i rite ? the faster way to catch up a good english.

14. loved to mountain climbing & wall climbing. The mountains that i had reached to uphill were GUNUNG BESAR BERHANTU, GUNUNG BEREMBUN, GUNUNG NUANG, GUNUNG KINABALU & GUNUNG LEDANG. interesting rite ?? thats my achievement :)

15. i am one of the Jabatan Pertahanan Awam volunteer (sukarelawan) for Klang since year 2008. yess, i registered my name under Klang.

16. i have 3 cousins & sister in the same univrsity studied. my cousins : nanad, ayen & nadia, sister ofcoz akma. never planned for these oke ! just knew that when entered the university. wee ~

17. loved PINK damn much. my lappy, my mouse, my bottle, my bedsheet, my blanket, my hello kitty, my dress, my shirts, my pencil, my highlighter, my files; all pink !!!!

18. always shopping online nowadays. yeah, after become student, i have no time to go downtown for shopping here & there.

19. ouh ya, i am Diploma in Accountancy student. hahha, science stream student in the secondary school entered accountancy for IPT ?? murtad. hahaha !

20. one of LIVERPOOL football fan & sometime i loved to watch football match. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE yaww ! but my dad supported BARCELONA. cett !

21. yess, i have 4 handphones in different models. i have NOKIA Xpressmusic 5310, SONY Ericsson W508, CSL flip phone with Swarovski crystals & Motorola flip phone (cant use anymore). but, always be my baby is SE W508 :D

22. my favourite brands for clothes : cheetah sportswear, padini authentics, PDI, Seed, ZARA, Roxy, Nicchi, Romps, institute & forever 21.

23. my weight only 43kg, 161cm in height, 26 or 27 for waist size, XS or S for clothes size. hee~

24. love more to mathematics then accounting. any kinds of mathematics such as maths mod, add maths, bussiness maths, bussiness statistics, elementary mathematics. but not accounting. i really hate accounting actually. it would kills me if i cant do it well ! hahahaha !

25. lastly, I LOVE BLOGGING :)

thats all about me. wee ~
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1o left, anyone have to join this, please tag it urself. hahaha ! :)


  1. ning hawma? hahaa.. okey x kite cakap cine? hahaha.. nanti tolong la ajar kite cakap cine ye.. suke tengok movie cine tp takpaham pape... hahaha
    owh about your question tu.. saye dah jawab dkt bahagian comment saye.. erm.. kalau awak kurang jelas bagi tahu ye.. kalau awk perlukan entry tutorial bagi tahu je k..

  2. trtnggal 1 lepaking xda ke??

  3. che sakinah : hurmm btul laa tuh, boleh je. aien suke ajar org ckp cine. best. huhuu. xreti ckp pon, atleast awk fhm pon dh kre bgus daaa. wee~
    btw, thanks awak 4 dat tutorial, nnt sye cuba agy oke.

    qila : heee. tuh laaa. tertinggal lak. wee~ kire halal laaa ea