Tuesday, November 2

Timeframe of Family Outings

Friday, 29th October 2010

08.00AM -
woke up & packing my bags.
09.30AM - kept m
y stuffs in PKP hall.
09.45AM - taking bath & standby for waiting my family :)
10.30AM - my family was arrived (hostel unisel).
12.00PM - lunch at Restoran Rasa Mas sg buloh. RM32.00 total! i like its bawal goreng :)
01.45PM - started our journey to paklong (nanad's dad) house at tmn Melati to see danish. 1st nephew, awesomeness! :) yeyen msk mee goreng, sedap tapi masin skit, ok laa.
03.30PM - continued journey to Kajang, mak uda's house. see my 2nd nephew, Aiman. im already become MAKNGAH AIEN. thumbs up!
05.30PM - heavy rain. stop off a stall to eat pisang goreng & jemput2
06.15PM - arrived at mak uda's house in cue pacs garden, sg long. Aiman~~~
09.30PM - sate kajang time at Sate Kajang Hj Samuri. nice! i were the only ate a lots!
11.30PM - went back home!

Saturday, 30th October 2010

06.00AM - woke up subuh & slept again :P
12.15PM - heehe. gudmorning~~~
02.00PM - lunch hours with families - having ikan bakar & sup gear box. i like it damn! my fav.
04.00PM - entered Pekan Sg Besi for buying some desserts: popiah goreng of coz! samosa chicken & beef. kuih doraemon ( actually kuih kacang merah or called it dorayaki ). my fav too!

05.30PM - mak itam with family came to mak uda's house. gathering 3 families.
07.00PM - maghrib & C to the O to the O again to the K.
08.00PM - dinner: my fav sambal udang, chapcai, ayam msk sos tiram.
09.00PM - off to my hometown: of coz BATU PAHAT.
12.30AM - supper at mamak's stall having roti canai satu!
01.30AM - ZzzzZzzzzzz~

:: dah cam rancangan jalan-jalan cari makan plak. hee~

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