Sunday, November 21

those are mine. COPYCATS are not allowed !

i started surfing internet since i was in primary school. so addicted to since i were in standard 5. all of these were taught by my dad alone. dat time, we only used internet via housephone-line which have teet teet sound when you are connected. hehehe. so funny. old school style! but now, we are using CELCOM broadband to surf into networks. easier & could bring it anyway u like. first time i tried to use internet, my sis & i always kepoh to download some hindi songs & lyrics. i was just 11y/o could download from net. my dad never taught bout that okey. crazy things, addicted to hindi songs. hahaha! 1st song downloaded was Humko Humise Churalo form Mohabbatein film. advanced, rit? hehehe. when i was in standard 6, i started using myspace to make friends. dat time, myspace was top fav of people just like facebook nowadays. after dat, i made some profile as same as myspace: -

2002: myspace
now, myspace is in new! nice rite? form myspace become my.___. cool !
could connected by facebook too. much easier :)

2005: hi5
this hi5 is built just for my secondary school classmates only.
asked to open by Faidzan :)

2005: friendster
dislike more! hehehe. already in new. much complicated!

2007: blogger

my TOP fav! started blogging since i was entered UNISEL. have 3 accounts.
1 is private, 2 more is open.

always be lepak-ing place for copycaters! hahaha.
also have thief-stalkers! dasar langau hijau.

2008: tagged
asked to open it by kak siti nurain. thanks kakak! hurmm xbest laa.
coz always have many notifications especially inbox!
always the same things happened,"awk cute laa, bg no phone bole?" RIMAS!

2008: facebook
the place where my bf wanted me as his gf after few months we were frineds.
hahaha! so cute :)
here too, i have met up my old friends from kindergarten until UNISEL & also my office friends :)

2008: flickr
lots of pictures! that could i shared with uols. just like a photo albums :D

2009: twitter
tweet here & there. then retweet others. fun!

2009: tweetphoto @ plixi
tweet photo for twitter now at plixi! cool yawww.

2009: tumblr
more than a blogger. could reblog others & anythings beside blog.
got large size photo could upload !

2010: wordpress
nothing much! just only writing bout my bf :)

2010: formspring
quite interesting. could ask anything to others what you like.
the answer also could simply answered & sometimes just like a joke.

:: bebo account is invalid coz i have forgot my password. hahaha! sorry dear. only that for me. thanks for visiting :)

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