Wednesday, October 6

LantoWw Trip to TELUK BATIK yaww!

LantoWw Trip to TELUK BATIK

VENUE : Teluk Batik, Perak.
TIME : 10.30am - 11.45pm

the followers of LantoWw:
Couples: Me (aien) & Ulin, Ayen & Syiro, Bobo & Tina, Syah & Wani, Chort & Myza, Ben (Aini xdpt dtg)
Singles & Availables: Kyra, Qyla, Nas, Ached, Epul, Ijat.

hey2, this is ME! excited to ride BANANA BOAT yaww!

yeaaaah! here we are! TELUK BATIK.
ayen (infront), cute with his beard. hahahaha.
LantoWw is great! i like.... ♥

before enjoying hours, we were having some dishes that prepared by ME!
i made some fried spicy bihun, fried sausage bread, & omelet.
they were enjoying the foods damn much! thanks lantoWw :)

Banana Boat time! RM5 per person.
Safety first. it was very adventure yeaaah!
i love it even i cant swim better. wahahahaha.
yes, i dun know how to swim.
there, i was swimming with my bf's helps. so shame laaaa! :D

We, the gorgeous girls on the beach!
Tina, Qyla, ME, Kyra & Syiro (our photographer)

TELUK BATIK, this is my 4th time i were enjoying there.
for them, it was their 1st time.
but, we still enjoy there and happy hours was great!
last word, NAK LAGI, NAK LAGI!
jom laaa p area selatan lak!

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