Thursday, October 14

IKEA ideas.

Homeideas decorations. hurmmm i need some inspiration in my room.
here, i have made some surveys in IKEA. it's nice!
here, some that i have chosen to make it real in my room deco!
♥ ♥ ♥

it is wall stickers! my 1st choice, ILOVEYOU sticker.
price just RM45.00. i love it damn!
superb nice! full of love & i got the feelings. :)

price only RM39.00 after discount. actual price RM45.00
simple but great.

TREE & CAT sticker.
price only RM26.00. cheaper than above but meaningful.
it comes with love poet there. :)

these sticker are waterproof & washable.
it wont damaging to the paint of the wall yaww!
thanks IKEA coz gave me some ideas for room deco.
you know what, IKEA is superb!
especially its DAIEM CAKE! :)

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