Tuesday, August 10

My Daddy Abah ku Samian ♥

my dad with my bro at Chinese Highschool Batu Pahat, 2006
event: my calligraphic award :)

here is about my daddy. he's fine right now. but his speak tone is become different after he's doing operation last week. he talked to me just like a grandfather without his teeth. hurmm sokey laa, the most important is he's just fine right now. alhamdulillah. last week i called him, he said he was having a plate of tosai at mamak shop with my mum n my bro. he said; "teringin nak makan. dh lama xmkn". i'm smiling but at the same time i am still worried about him coz he's my the only one father. he's the chairman of my family. when he was sick, he is botak, slim, fit, bone-tengkorak look, kering, hurmm. he walked by the helping of my mum. Greatfully, mak uda n pak uda were there with them. thanks both of u. sorry and thanks for everything. hanya Tuhan je dapat balas jasa baik mak uda n pak uda. Cik Yan, embah n kak yana thanks also coz could come to visit my dad. cik yan, thanks 4 helping my mum to bank in our pocket money. really appreciated all of that. thanks again. my dad, dont be stubborn oke. eat the medicine oftenly. dun forget! all of us were worrying about you. and we will take care of u until u're really SEHAT! hehehe. iloveyou, dad! ♥

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