Tuesday, August 10

Longest Dance Marathon for MMU Convofest 2010

Longest Dance Marathon for MMU Convofest 2010
Malaysian Book of Records

Venue: Multimedia University, Cyberjaya
Date/Day: 1st August 2010 (Sunday)

Time: 7am-10pm

we, PKKU have to perform for that event.
few of universities were joined too.
really highly appreciated by MMU weyh....! ♥
there, we are performed 3 types of dances along 15 hours event went thru.
Tarian Inang: Empat Dara, Tarian Zapin n Tarian Endang.
i'm lovin' it!

waaah, i'm infront! -.-'

Performed by:

Girls: Ayu, Aien (ME), Zyra & Jaja.

Boys: Afiq, Nizar, Lokman & Sofi.

Tarian Endang - teached by BAYU SEHATI BERDANSA yaaawww! :)

captured by: Zefri Freezy Photographer.
nice pict! thanks

Tarian Zapin :)

have u see me infront there? everyone was looking at me! maluuu.
so, i have to make a faker smile.
actually i'm theverynervousperson!

The perfectly and lovely performance is TARIAN ENDANG.
many of MMU's student like this type of dance.
just look at the above picture. beautiful rite :)
they really like us! not like the others. coz some of them performed modern dance.
hehehe, so we have made the right choice! thanks to BAYU!
ooh, especially my friend, the director of MO Stage Production, SYAHMI NAIM.
coz u provide to us (PKKU), the best choreographer. thanks again my friend.
now, i am friend with them! Also Bayu's ASWARA friends:
Ikie, Ayu n someone that i forget what i called him. lovely friend!

thanks to all our PKKU seniors for helping us makeup-ing, samping-ing, sanggul-ing, spraying hair, etc.
Kak Fadh, Kak Cha, Kak Sara, Kak Ju, Wan, Kak Nadia, Kak Intan
Our juniors: Tek and Ling.

Thanks to my partner dancers: Jaja, Zyra, Sofi, Lokman & Nizar and my kakak, kak Sara.
coz give me supports to hold of these after event ends.
Thanks dear! :)

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