Thursday, August 26

i cried after reading this post ='(

MEMORY will never FADE : her blog :)

hurmm just now my fren qila showed to me about a sad story. really sad story. and it is published on newspaper for a few weeks ago. oh gosh, it is about a student of UM. front page: PELAJAR JATUH DARI TINGKAT LIMA. hurmm if im not mistaken, that student also friend of my PKKU friend, Afiq. he has told me about that student. Afiq storied that sadly. pity on him. i really cant imagine if he is my friend too. especially his close fren, SITI NORBAHIYAH or Bai. she always blamed herself that all of those happened is becoz of her. she's a very strong girl. if i was she, i dun know what will i feel. her now life is fulled with sadness n sometimes will thought bout her fren, ALLAHYARHAM ZULKHAIRIL AZMI BIN MD BUKHARI. hurmmm here, automatically, i will saw all my beloveds' face anywhere, my parents, my family, my bf, my best friend, my friends & all of them that had appear in my life. Bai, be strong, girl. i know u can do it for azmi. do ur best k my dear 4 ur final exam. dun ever make him sad there. be chilled, i know he wants u to be strong n smile always. believe it.

if u all want to know about the story, here, Warkah Buatmu, ZULKHAIRIL AZMI BIN MD BUKHARI. giving love to ur lovers when they were still always be here with u :)

*al-fatihah buat ALLAHYARHAM ZULKHAIRIL AZMI BIN MD BUKHARI (26 MEI 1991 - 30 JULAI 2010) ='(

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