Tuesday, July 13

Espana Sepanyol Viva la Espana!

Wc @ i-city Shah Alam
Final World Cup 2010
Netherlands Vs Spain

Viva La Espana!

We; Qila, Shiro, ME and Kyra.
with Ulin, Ayen , Ached, Bobo and his gf.

Me & Ached, support ofcoz Spain.
Ulin, Ayen & Bobo; support Netherlands. HAHA.
Others; just came for watching together.

See, few of them is SPAIN supporters.
so, ayen said to ulin, that dorg pegi slh tempat laa. HAHA.
kelakar. When they want to support ned to kick some goals!! senyap2 saje.
HAHAHAHA (big Laugh!)

About the game;
Were we disappointed? I’m going to go with YES!

This was an ugly match. There was enough fouling, diving, whining, complaining and questionable refereeing to turn a casual onlooker off from football in a heartbeat. And it wasn’t all on the side of the Dutch, although the Spaniards turned petulant and fall-prone later in the game, once Howard Webb, the referee of the evening, had lost control of the game and count of the yellow cards he’d shown. Still, how can you excuse a game with 14 yellows and 47 fouls (plus the ones the ref didn’t see, i think laa)? You can’t.

The first fifteen minutes or so were a good display of control by Spain, who started the match in pretty much: tentative, but in control of the ball, looking for space between the Dutch defence and not finding it. They had chances (Sergio Ramos took a header that Stekelenburg just managed to palm away, Villa and Ramos again putting it into the side-netting), but soon enough their impetus wilted under the pressure applied by the Dutch defence and midfield. It’s unfortunate that so much of that pressure was applied in a rather ungentlemany fashion, like a kick full on the chest that De Jong delivered to Xabi Alonso, that meant the fifth yellow of the match (this was 27th minute, mind you) and that, in any other match, would have been a straight red.

So, second half and, if anyone expected a sudden surge of style and grace to descend onto the pitch, they were soon disappointed. The fouling continued, now seasoned with a healthy helping of complaining to go with every single instance of it; the players had discovered that falling to the ground and playing dead, regardless of whether they had been fouled or not, was the best strategy. I felt second-hand embarrassment for all those neutral fans watching this and wondering what the beauty of football was.

Extra-time was just like normal time, but with a bit more tiredness thrown in to slow things down. Cesc had a very Pedrito moment and refused to pass to Villa on a 2-on-2, choosing instead to shoot straight at Stekelenburg, and it seemed that, once again, Spain would have all the chances and none of the goals. Iniesta had a couple of wasted opportunities that prompted the chorus of ‘Iniesta can’t shoot!!!’ to start with more on the irony of this later, and De Jong was prudently subbed out for Rafael, another promise of beautiful football soon smothered by the run of play, or what passed for play in that match.

And then… a goal!!!!
A solitary goal from iniesta,
the man who’d been doing the most in this match,
who’d been fouled the most,
who most deserved it.

Come right here and tell me Iniesta can’t shoot, if you dare!!!!

Ned Vs ESP, 0-1.

Sepanyol is the Champion of World Cup, Viva la Espana!
for the 1st time!
after Spain became the Champion of European.

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