Sunday, May 16

Happy Teacher's Day!

This is my Form 4 and Form 5 Add Maths teacher.
Puan Ng, she's cute...!
see, her height juz same as me. hee.
she's nice. she made my Add Maths got 3B.
prove that she is the best teacher...!

erm..this is my Form 1 until Form 3 Pendidikan Islam teacher, Puan Asnah bt Jendal. she's very the strict one. she always got rotan in her hand. so, that remind us to do her given homework always. hahaha. she liked me. just because of i got 7A's in my UPSR among the Chinese students. the only muslim student got 7A's. pelik2. she liked to puji me lebey laa. i dun like it. but she nice coz always tumpang me go to school even i never asked for it. hahaha. she has a son that also study in the same school with me. her son liked me. hahaha. omg! i dun want. but u know what, he told his mom that he wanted me. hahaha. gelabah gelabah. dh laa aku kurus gle tyme ni. tgk aah gmbar sebelah ni. hahaha. winduuuu.

This is me with my friends form TIGS.
tyme ni aku pengawas agy.
hahaha. Form 5 awal2 tahun.
i miss my school n my teachers.
i've done many mistakes in here.
to my teachers, and Puan Chua (my discipline teachers),
Puan Salbiah (my ex pengetua & juga mak angkat)
i'm so sorry k.
masuk rekod buruk kowt. hahaha.

ellow, rekod baek pon ade gaaak k.
student paling active.
n gaak Pelajar Cemerlang.
otai2 aku kat skolah ni ade gaak kesan.

pape pon,

to the teachers from;


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