Tuesday, May 11


hey girl, could u stop it from trying to be me..? xfhm aa ade gaak aan org cmtuh. plz be urself. all of my style u want to copy everytime n every seconds. why??? have no idea daa..? selama ni bleyh laa i diam jerh. coz u are only near on me. adoi. what could i say it to u ek? speechless. plz dun be so kampung n so jakun. i know u all of these time. always to be me...! i said it like this, u also says that like this. how come? hey plz. dun be childish. i might be as i am, u just be as u are, DEAL? i'm really2 cant accept laaa my every step u always want to copy and u said it that it is u. OMG! wake up. YOU'RE COPYING ME..! dun u get it..? sabar, sabar aien. dun wait until i might turn into the ugly one bitch. u tried, make me..! grrr.


  1. wts up babe? sape yg tiru tiru kau neh? meh aku sekeeeh

  2. ade laaa minah kampung tuh. grrr..!

  3. sape sape? sok jadi nk ajar aku acc?